The Ceremony

About time huh!  Ok, it was really difficult to keep this a secret until the cards came out.  Especially at a couple of parties we attended but we kept this a secret so we could hit you with the postcard first - call it "Shock and Awe"!   Hardly anyone knew* and we wish we could have been a fly in your mailbox 

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09/30/05 We borrowed a big surfboard from Mike at the Cardiff post office and asked our friend Jenny if she would shoot some pictures for us.  Seeing the top hat and bridal veil, Jenny knew something was up but didn't know when (well, neither did we at the time).  This is a picture of our photographer / friend, Jenny.

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  10/3/05  We drove up to Carlsbad and visited Modern Postcard where our friend Jim helped us put together the postcard.  For the postcard copy, we had to set a date so we picked the 6th.  The cards would be ready on the 10th.   Modern Postcard does a very professional job with a quick turn around.  


  10/5/05 Jack and Ed at the "Bachelor Party" at Cuyamaca State Park.  Of course, Ed had no idea we were getting married the next day.  It was a fun time!  


  10/6/05, about 11am.  It was actually quite simple.  Jump in the car, drive up to San Marcos (about 30 min), fill out an application for the license and pay a couple of fees (license and ceremony fee).  This is the County Office in San Marcos.  It was a nice sunny day!   


  *Long ago, we made a pact with our good friends, Jeff and Julie to let them know if and when we did this as they wanted to be our witnesses.  So they hooked up with us at the county office at about 11:30, just in time for the ceremony.  


  This was the county clerk who married us.  His name is Ron Barlow and volunteers his time to work at the County Office.  He was a very nice man.  


  The ceremony was performed in a small room dedicated for such occasions.  Flower arrangements by Ronco plastics.  


  We were both somewhat surprised that we had to recite so much (with Ron's help of course).  It was a very nice ceremony and took about 5 minutes.  


  And, wooo,  The Kiss!  


  Following the ceremony, we had a "pre-reception" in the parking lot.  Barb had a bottle of iced champagne and four glasses in the trunk.  Fortunately no cops came cruising by.  


  The "reception" was held at Las Olas Mexican Restaurant in Cardiff.  We had lunch and drank a pitcher of Margaritas.  La "Barracha Economica" (a.k.a. Barb, the "economical drunk") drank too many  


Honeymoon?  Heck, we're retired!  Everyday is a honeymoon.  We currently have a couple of fun trips planned.  This shot was taken in tropical Mexico and we are heading back down there in mid November.  Hope to hear from you, get contact information here

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