Colorado River Adventure

Us at Elve's Chasm, mile 117
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The five dories, ready to go each morning
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In May of 2010, we went on a wonderful two week trip down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon.  We chose the commercial firm, Grand Canyon Expeditions, and travelled in oar powered dories.  There were five dories, holding four passengers each and one boatman.  We also had a large motorized "S-rig" raft which carried all the essentials for enjoying the two week journey.   We travelled 280 miles, negotiated 150 named rapids (and many unnamed "riffles"), hiked many of the side canyons, learned more about the geology and history of the area and visited many ancient indian ruins.  We have lots of interesting and fun images from the trip as well as a 24 minute DVD which was made by Jack for lasting memories.  The main part of the DVD can be found in four parts on YouTube as follows:

Part 1:  The start of the trip, the people who we travelled with and some rapid runs  8 minutes

Part 2:  Some of the places we visited when we were not in the boats  5 minutes

Part 3:  An exciting run through Crystal Rapid with Allan  4 minutes

Part 4:  A few more places we visited and yet, a few more rapids  8 minutes

Now, if you are planning on a trip like this and want to know more than most "newbies" will ever know, you should check out this page.



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