Surf Trip to MEXICO !


We left the US on March 23, 2006 and headed down the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico.  We travelled in a Ford F-350 crew cab (V-10, 4X4) with a "Bigfoot" cabover camper.  Our journey was intended to last for two months but we stayed for three.  We would have stayed longer but had to be back for a family function.  We travelled as far south as the city of Oaxaca, met many wonderful people and surfed hundreds of fantastic waves!  Returned to the US via Nogales on June 21st.  We took lots of pictures and video and we will be putting up our Mexico trip pictures soon - Stay Tuned!

Mostly we were on paved roads but at times we explored some of the dirt roads.  Travelling on the backroads of Mexico was a challenge.  Our camper roof was 11 feet 3 inches off the deck and at times we had to climb up on the roof and cut branches so we could continue on.  Here, we are heading for a secret surf spot north of Mazatlan.
  Jack surfing the secret spot.  Not really crowded, plenty of waves and the next day it was really mackin', about twice the size of this wave.  Just paddling out on a long board was a challenge.  Jack was washed down the beach 1/4 mile before he was able to get out.  Sorry, no pics of the really big day.
Long Nose Rides!  
This spot is near Zihuatanejo, Mexico, south of Puerto Vallarta. The "lefts" seemed to go forever.  I timed Barb on this wave for a minute and 10 seconds. Like the energizer bunny, she just kept going and going and going!  
Here is Barbara setting up for a tube ride. Well, she almost got tubed, the lip broke on her back and she was in the green room for a nanosecond.  
One of the many "secret surf spots" we visited along the way.  Well it wasn' t such a secret when we drove in with about 15 people out.  But the waves were good and the break shows lots of potential.  Water temp 81 degrees!

We had a awesome time in Mexico.  The food is great, the people are super friendly and the beaches are superb!  To make your trip as hassle free as possible, learn some Spanish before you go and try your best to mingle with the locals.  Stay tuned to our site for more pictures of Mexico and other trips we have taken.

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